Friday, March 26, 2010

Inside Collins: Bathroom Edition

Many new and incoming college student are so wrapped up in picking classes and making friends they don't think about the simple things.  Living in a resident hall with several other girls can be scary.  A lot of people are also intimidated by the thought of sharing a bathroom.  If you grew up in a household with plenty of siblings then your more prepared then most.  For people like me, who are accustomed to having their own bathroom, the change can be hard.

Each floor has plenty of bathrooms to accommodate the amount of people on the floor.  I've lived in the resident halls for four years and I have yet to wait for a bathroom or shower.
The unique features of Collins Brown Resident Hall is the salon sink and men urinals.  Normally, in a woman's bathroom there are closed stalls that are gender neutral.  On this floor, in addition to stalls there are also men urinals.  The best thing about this bathroom is the salon-style sink.  Finally, I can wash my hair without submerging my whole body in water.

Sharing a bathroom is not the worst thing you will experience living in the residence halls.  It's actually a humbling experience to share such an intimate space with new and different people.  Since living in a resident hall is mandatory for most freshman, have a open mind and I'm sure you will see it's not so bad.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Teter's Fun Activities

How many times have been bored and wanted something to do?  This is the first year that I decided not to live in Teter and I truly miss it.  Teter Residence Hall always has various activities to help pass the time or bond with your fellow neighbors.

Many people play pool to relieve the stress of midterms.  Pool is a great game because you can play it with a friend or by yourself if that is your desire.

Or how about some quiet time?  You check out the Teter Library for some relaxing options.  You can read a book and enjoy the comfy chairs.  Also, renting movies is very relaxing.  And if you don't want to walk back to your room, feel free to stay and watch your movie on the library television.  You do not need to be a Teter Resident to enjoy the perks.  What are you waiting for?  Come to Teter!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Teter Helps Timmy Foundation

Even though we are busy college students, it is important to help others.  On March 4, Teter held a fundraiser to raise funds for the IU Timmy Foundation.  The fundraiser doubled as a contest between the different buildings in Teter.  The Building that donated the most money would win a pizza party.

The IU Timmy Foundation is a non-profit student organization that has a mission of bringing healthcare to underdeveloped/developing nations.  Every year, medical professionals and students take a week long trip to Guatemala.   The purpose of the trip is to provide local communities with basic healthcare and medications by setting up medical clinics. They spend the school year collecting supplies and donations for the trip.  If you would like more information or to donate please visit