Friday, January 29, 2010

Dr. King: His story made history

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. the CommUNITY Education Program sponsored a program to his birthplace.  I heard of this program a few years ago but never got around to signing up but not this year!  I just knew I couldn't leave Indiana University without trying especially since I've never been to Atlanta.  It's hard to believe for only $25 you get a weekend out of town and access to great historical sites.  For the last six years CUE has traveled to honor his legacy but the program this year was a trip to Atlanta, Georgia to see Dr. King's historical sites.  Along with 50 other students, we set out on a nine-hour bus ride to the great state of Georgia.

We left Indiana University on January 14, to arrive in Atlanta on January 15.  Immediately upon arrival we went to our first historical site, which was the Herndon Home.  There we toured the home of Atlanta's first black millionaire.  Also that weekend we would tour Morehouse College, Dr. King's birthplace, The King Center, and Ebenezer Baptist Church.  Out of all the places, the most enjoyable was the APEX museum.  It was a hands on museum that told the story of black history through the eyes of the black people.  The displays and exhibits were quite impressive.  There were artistic replicas of how slaves were transported on ships to a life-like exhibit of a slave auction.  The weekend ended with a Sunday church service at the church Dr. King preached at, Ebenezer Baptist Church.  It was a southern style sermon with plenty of hymns.
The trip made you really remember and think about how far we've come.  Dr. King made a way for so many groups and opportunities. Not only did he want equality for Black Americans but also many other groups that are underrepresented.  It was a weekend of reflecting on the past to continue to contribute by remembering road we started on.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Allow Me to Introduce Myself!

Hello World! My name is Dayja Westmoreland and I want to welcome you to my blog.  I am a senior at Indiana University in Bloomington.  This is my fourth year living in the campus dorms and it is great.  The best thing about living on campus is not only are you closer to your classes but your more involved with your community. It is so much easier to meet new people and participate in RPS/IU events.  Most of my closest relationships were formed with people that lived in my surrounding dorms.  Each dorm has unique attributes that can contribute positively to your academic career.  Just by living in the dorms you become more informed about our campus.  That is the main reason I choice to stay in the dorms for all of my four years at Indiana University.  Below is a picture of me right before senior year and after I cut 90% of my hair off!  It grew on me but what do you think?

My major is Fashion Merchandising with a minor in African Languages and Studio Arts.  I am a very creative person and have many outlets of creativity.  I grew up sewing which helped me develop my love for fashion.  Unfortunately my schedule allows very little time to sew but whenever I get a chance to it is such a stress reliever.

I was born and raised in the grand city of Indianapolis.  Graduating from Arsenal Technical High School, I also recieved my certificate in Fashion Merchandising from Career Technology Center. I was a member on the vollyball team but spent most of my high school free time working at a local clothing store. Above is a picture of my aunt and I at my high school graduation. Below is one of my favorite pictures I did for a class project.  I did a series that depicted the seven deadly sins of women using barbie dolls.  I had so much fun with this assignment!
Honestly, I did not want to go to school n Indiana but after visiting IU, it was difficult to say no! College is mostly what you make of it.  It is up to you to make your experience great no matter where you attend!